RV Outfitters located in Bend, Oregon, has been in the business of RV renovation and customizing recreational vehicles since 2001. We specialize in home theater systems and custom cabinets woodwork. Call us (541) 312-9758
These recent videos showcases our happy clients and the high quality of our work.

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You can see many examples of our work in the photo gallery.
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We also have informative articles on RV renovation.
Want your RV remodel completed with no hassle, the highest quality, and at an affordable price? NO PROBLEM. We will come get your RV, complete the work and get it back to you on schedule.
We can make your coach more comfortable by adding:
ceramic tile replacing carpet Adding TVs
hardwood flooring side cameras updated cabinets
custom tables storage bay TVs new counter tops
wiring for a computer New lighting retractable TVs
wine or pantry cabinet bed frames computer centers
and just about anything else you might want -we can do it!

Why do customer keep coming back to RV Outfitters? Read more.

With a combined 50 plus years in the RV business, we have the expertise to make dreams become a reality. we provide complete custom service and work on all makes and models of recreational vehicles. This service extends from luxury enhancements to remodeling and upgrading any travel trailer or coach.

From custom cabinets, to outside entertainment centers, we can provide you with any of the added features you are missing now.  Are you just looking for space?  That is one of our specialties!  We can provide you with extra drawers or shelves in places you haven’t thought of. And if your RV just needs a face lift, we can do floors (carpet, tile, lamanent, hardwood ), counter tops, walls, ceilings, you name it!  In past years, we have upgraded thousands of TV’s, satellite systems, stereo systems, even side mounted cameras.  We have retrofitted Girard awnings, complete theatre systems, and have even remodeled a party bus!  If you can think of it, we can do it!

We go out of our way to make you feel at ease while we work on your coach.  In most cases you can continue to live in your RV while we are working on it, and we will do our very best to keep it as clean as possible.  We will give you an estimate before we start the work, communicate with you during the project, and gladly address any questions or concerns you may have while the work is being done.  Barring something out of our control, we are always  on schedule too!  In most cases, you will know how long the work is going to take when you make your appointment.  If the winter is your preference to have the work done, we can transport your coach for you so you don’t have to brave the icy Central Oregon roads!

Over the last decade or so, we have worked very hard to build a reputation of quality workmanship, professional service, and fair prices.  Not to mention, we’re really nice guys! We think that once you come to us, you will see that there is no reason to go anywhere else!  That’s why our customers keep coming back year after year!

We have a number of articles澳门新葡app下载 describing the types of services we have performed for others and the advantages of our services over other options.

Thank you for visiting and be sure to check back often for updated information.


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8/8/2014 6:26:02 AM
Looking to remodel rv. I want 2 new captain chairs, new flooring. Want the couch, seating area, cabinets, kitchen area all removed. I want to replace the existing cabinets with aluminum/metal garage cabinets that I will purchase from a garage cabinet company. Looking to replace kitchen appliances. Don't want a couch or a seating area. Also want to remove/replace old tv. Thanks!
Monique Patterson
7/20/2014 8:53:09 PM
I have a 36 ft montana one of keystones juck
3/1/2014 8:46:09 PM
new floor plan for a 27' class c Born Free
Walt Leffek
3/1/2014 8:44:44 PM
Interested in a whole new floor plan for a 27" class c Born Free
Walt Leffek
12/23/2013 1:24:51 PM
I had exterior damage on the top of my travel trailer. Jim replaced the parts, repaired the roof, and refitted the railing and ladder to perfection. After a year and 6 months all is still perfect. He has my complete trust on doing the job right the first time.
10/11/2013 9:24:54 AM
Do you do body repair, 2001 Winnebago 32v motorhome?
John Lessar
5/13/2013 12:55:30 PM
Hi, we will be in the Oregon area late June. We would love to come and talk to you about remodel options for our 2007 Allegro Bus. Do we set up an appointment? Your consideration is appreciated.
John Holtzapple
John Holtzapple
1/8/2012 6:09:51 PM
Love the website. Hoping you guys work on fith wheels as well? I have a 39ft grand junction 35tms. It needs the carpet replaced and a few other things.
12/1/2011 4:49:17 PM
I am looking into adding a exterior tv on my RV. I have a 2005 Newmar DutchStar. I know they had an option for it (according to the brochure, it was a 22" LED with a radio/speaker set up). I'd like to do something similar. Can you help??
8/19/2011 3:04:32 PM
You just finished a remodel on a Beaver Coach for some friends of ours and they are very pleased!
12/18/2010 8:04:23 PM
Love the new look of the website!

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Our work speaks for itself, please visit ourphotos page澳门新葡app下载 to see examples of our craftsmanship

Customer Testimonial"The home theater system came out every bit as good as I hoped for. Jim and Greg were easy to work with"

Mike Regen - Country Coach Owner
Customer Testimonial"They are both friendly and trustworthy. They are always ready to do anything you need to have done and will work around your time schedule."

Bob and Celia Handley - Coach Owners
Customer Testimonial"They have great attention to detail and no request is out of the ordinary for them. They are fun to work with and are a great bunch of guys."

Rick and Robin Deluca - Coach Owners
Customer Testimonial"They are reliable and produce quality work. They don't make promises they can't keep."

Ron and Mary Taylor - Coach Owner
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